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Overspray Removal



Premier Detailing is an overspray removal and overspray claims management company. We remove all types of overspray damage from vehicles and various surfaces.


Our thorough removal process provides the safest method for removing open air overspray debris from vehicles, trucks, RV’s, boats, aircraft, and effected buildings, restoring them to their original look.


Premier Detailing is your partner for any size claim. We share your desire to make the claim go as smoothly as possible and satisfy all parties.


We remove all types of overspray and open air debris, such as; epoxy, urethane, polyurethane foam, soot, iron filings, industrial fallout, graffiti, cement, concrete sealers, cement and concrete splatters, and spray paint, just to name a few.


Our company works very closely with contractors, insurance companies, self- insured entities, and individuals to help solve their overspray problems as inexpensively as possible.


We also save you the time and hassle by doing all the scheduling and management of the entire overspray removal process.


Company Specs:·


  • Claim Handling For General Liability Insurance Companies

  • Mobile On-Site Services With Nationwide Coverage

  • Liability Release Forms

  • Post Cleaning Inspections & Pictures

  • High Daily Volume

  • Computer Generated Reports

  • Daily Updates & Scheduling

  • Large Claim Capacity

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